movieworker performance

Our aim is to provide a database that is concentrated to the main facts. It should be really useful for those casting a film production crew - then it is useful to be registered, too. The production managers etc. do not want to know everything about you, They want to know:

To make them know about our database - that's our job.

At the same time we want to keep the maintenance of your data as simple as possible for you. It should be easy to actualize not only your phone number, but your time availability, too. The more the data are current, the better for the standing of our database and her being used. To update your data you need a password. You will get that as soon as you register. Using this you will be able to login via the front page.

Of course, we need some data for our administration, too.
Public will be:

You will get a membership card to use special conditions with our business partners - we are still negotiating at the moment.